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    Welcome to our Anglo-French philosophy forum!

    The Café Philo Club meets every Saturday at the London French Institute. The weekly discussions focus on questions voted by the participants and are conducted in English and French every other week.

    This forum migrated from our blog provides space for the participants of the club to continue their debate, or anyone interested in philosophical, social or political issues to initiate new topics. It is open to all and free to join.

    The topics of our debates are by no means confined to the realm of ‘pure philosophy’. We are always interested in any subject ranging from the mystery of the human mind to that of the Universe.


    Bienvenue sur notre Forum Franco-anglais!

    Ce forum est affilié au Café Philo de l'Institut Français de Londres tenu les Samedis matins, séance en français et anglais une fois sur l’autre.

    Etant une extension du blog du Café Philo, ce forum donne aux participants une autre opportunité d'élaborer leurs idées, partager leurs opinions, ou encore présenter leurs arguments.

    Alors venez nous rejoindre!

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